2g Pack Man Disposable
2g Pack Man Disposable

2g Pack Man Disposable

$35.00 USD /
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If you’re looking for a convenient and high-quality vaping experience, Packman Disposable Vape is the perfect option for you. The Packman disposable vape is a sleek and compact vaping device that is designed for on-the-go use. It offers a smooth and satisfying hit and is incredibly easy to use.

  • 4 for $100 (Special)

Indica: Peach Milano, Purple Gruntz, Kiwi Berry

Hybrid: Cereal Milk, Lemon Cherry Cookies, Bubblegum Gelato, Watermelon Runtz

Sativa: Blueberry Melons, Sour Pineapple, Key Lime Cake


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