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5g LYT Gummies
5g LYT Gummies

5g LYT Gummies

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Mushroom Edible
  • Mircodose: 1 Piece = 0.25g
  • Unlock your brain : 2-4 Pieces = 1.0g
  • Talk to Aliens: 5-10 pieces = 2.5g
  • Transcend Dimensions: 11+ Gummies 2.5g-5g
  • Vegan Gluten Free
  • Lab tested
  • Dairy, Soy, Nut free

Flavors: Pearadigm Shift (Asian Pear), Ram Dass Raz, (Blue Raspberry), Guava Aura (Island Guava), Gold Soul (Mango Passion), Third Eye Sight (Grape & Lime), Vantage Point (Tropical Punch), Lucid Lychee (Juicy Lychee), Kill Your Ego (Mystery Berry), Eternal Summer (Strawberry Lemonade), Outside The Box (Dragon Fruit)


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