Exotic House Moonrocks
Exotic House Moonrocks

Exotic House Moonrocks

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This is our infusion of premium indoor flower,  distillate, and kief. More specifically, these nuggets are covered with potent distillate and then rolled in kief to create an incredibly strong smoking experience. Typically, moon rock weed averages a high potency level of more than 50% THC. Moon Rocks high potency is its main appeal. Moon rocks are known to offer a powerful sensation that many claim is out of this world, just as the name suggests!
  • 1g $15
  • 1/8oz (4g) $45
  • 1/4oz (7g) $85
  • 1/2oz (14g) $180
  • 11g for $100 (Special)

(Mix & Match with any house concentrates)


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